Break to the tropics

Ok-I admit. While I should have been testing some winter canning recipes, I was fleeing the frigid weather for a tropical island in the French Antilles. The island of Guadeloupe sits nestled between Antigua to the north and Dominica to the south. It is a fertile island (actually Guadeloupe is made up of a series of islands including Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, Les Saintes, La Désirade and Marie Galante) growing primarily sugar cane, bananas, and some market crops.

Although not a homespun product -the ingredients are simple and ideal for home experimentation they include banana, sugar cane, sugar, pectin and citric acid.
“Banane M’Amour” is a heady banana preserve and is perfectly paired with
“pain perdu” or as we Anglos call it “French Toast”.Bananajam3